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Pregnant Woman tazered after being pulled over for speeding in Seattle

Back in November 2004 Malaika Brooks was tazered after refusing to get out of her car because she wouldn’t sign a ticket. She wasn’t a threat but she didn’t comply with their request to get out of the car and be arrested. Arrested for not signing a stupid ticket.

In his testimony, the Taser officer said he pressed the prongs of the muzzle against Brooks’ thigh to no effect. So he applied it twice to her exposed neck.

Afterward, he and the others testified, Ornelas pushed Brooks out of the car while Jones pulled.

She was taken to the ground, handcuffed and placed in a patrol car, the officers testified.

That’s a lot of force from two officers against an 8 month pregnant woman, especially considering the crime in question was just a speeding ticket that she refused to sign.

The Seattle PI has the story.